Oral Cancer Awareness Month – What am I looking for?

There are 100’s of lymph nodes in your neck. From time to time they may enlarge. This is often related to an infection, a cold, or a sore throat for example. If infection related, they will often be tender/sore, moveable, and will feel like a pea or blueberry. In contrast, if you find a hard lump like a small stone, first compare it to the other side. If it feels different from the other side, if it doesn’t move around, if it is not tender/sore, and persists for more than two weeks, have it checked by a dental or medical professional. Firm, doesn’t move about easily when pushed on, enlarged, painless, those are the red flags. A hard, fixed lump or a visible swelling that is often painless and persists for more than two weeks should always be checked by your dental professional.

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Learn More about Oral Cancer:  https://checkyourmouth.org/wp/