Patient Referral Guidelines

APA services start when our office receives a referral, usually from your healthcare provider. Once the referral is received, an eligibility specialist will contact you directly to begin the eligibility verification process.

APA Medical Program Referrals:

Medical referrals must be sent from a healthcare provider. Referrals are usually submitted to APA by a patient’s primary care doctor but may be sent by any healthcare provider. If you have a current medical need, but do not have a primary care provider, we would be happy to help connect you to one.

APA Dental Program Referrals:

Dental referrals may be sent from a healthcare provider or be self-referred. If you have a current dental need and meet eligibility guidelines, you may complete a referral form and return it to our office or contact our Dental Health Coordinator.

Dental Health Coordinator

Ashley Garver

Direct: (907) 743-6621

Text: (907) 931-0058

Fax: (907) 646-0542