Become a Donating Provider

“I believe that everyone has a right to health care independent of race, religion, marital or financial status. Anchorage Project Access assists individuals without resources to access health care by coordinating a network of committed and compassionate volunteer providers to reduce the overutilization of emergency departments for charity care and improve overall health in the Anchorage community. APA coordinates donated specialty health care and dental care as well as ensuring that APA patients enroll in health insurance and establish a primary care health home for ongoing care.

I have been a long-term provider and board member of Anchorage Project Access because of its service to those in need of donated medical specialty and dental care and because so many of my medical colleagues share their expertise on a voluntary basis. APA provides the infrastructure for hundreds of Anchorage specialty physicians and dentists to efficiently and effectively donate care by conducting eligibility screening, enrollment into APA and health insurance as well as assisting in navigating complex systems of care and establishing primary care health home for all APA patients.

APA is an inspiring and critically necessary program in our community that brings out the best in physicians, primary care clinics and patients. It provides comprehensive whole-person care and it is an honor to be associated with such an exemplary program.”

– Thomas Wood, MD

medical, dental, and mental health care providers participate in Anchorage Project Access by accepting referrals from our enrollment site. Each provider specifies how many referrals he/she is willing to accept each month or year. A patient referral is defined as a complete treatment plan to address the patient’s medical need as noted in the referral.

If you would like to become a donating provider for Anchorage Project Access, please complete the Provider Participation Form and fax it to our office at (907) 646-0542.

For additional information about our medical or dental programs please contact:

Gail Schiemann

Program Director

Direct: (907) 743-6650

For additional information about our mental health programs please contact:

Counseling Program Manager

Direct: (907) 743-6652