Provider Testimonials

“The Anchorage Project Access (APA) mission of serving patients that lack access to traditional resources of care integrates seamlessly with the Alaska Trauma & Acute Care Surgery (ATACS) mission to provide outstanding surgical and acute care services to Alaskans. Our experience working with APA has been
remarkable and leaves myself, my staff, and my providers with a sense of having truly helped a person in need.

As we all can appreciate, access to care remains a significant barrier in our community. Specifically, to those that are perhaps most vulnerable, the part of our community working hard day to day but lacking the ability to be medically insured. Finding appropriate medical care can be a struggle when you don’t qualify for state assistance but can’t afford health coverage. APA provides the link for such situations.

When APA approached ATACS and asked us to help with patients that lacked this safety net when it came to general surgical services it was clearly a perfect fit. The first APA patient we treated was an individual in our community whose medical issue correction was considered ‘elective’ but was making life and the ability to work difficult. We were happy to be able to jump in and help this patient and continue to enjoy the cases that are referred to us, each need is genuine and necessary. ATACS believes in community, and this is one way to be part of that community.”

Cinderella Tollefsen, MBA

Alaska Health Services, LLC
Alaska Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, LLC

“As the CEO of Imaging Associates and Alaska Radiology Associates, I am very proud to be a donating provider for Anchorage Project Access (APA) and to serve on the Board of Directors. I have been involved with APA since 2005 when they opened their doors to patients without financial resources and without health insurance. APA’s services save lives. It is an honor to be an imaging provider of best in class diagnostic and interventional services for APA patients and to work with the dedicated Board and staff who express their compassion by serving individuals and families most in need.

Overseeing the largest radiology group in the State of Alaska and outpatient imaging centers that carry a brand preference status, allows me to stay in touch with the medical needs of Alaskan residents and to meet those needs when I’m called to help. Along with the hundreds of other donating medical and dental providers, I believe in helping people without access to health care to achieve improved health. APA makes it seamless. They make it easy to give as they do the financial eligibility screening, review the medical referrals, ensure that all patients establish a primary care health home, and coordinate all of the donated specialty medical and dental appointments. In partnership with our health care providers, APA reduces the use of the emergency departments by facilitating donated care. I want to thank our community of providers for your commitment to the health and vitality of all Alaskans.”

Ward Hinger

Imaging Associates/Alaska Radiology Associate

“Perhaps not all physicians share my views, however I think our education and experience is the product of many dedicated individuals who sacrifice for the benefit of community.  I believe as physicians we have a certain obligation to return to our community as well, considering we are product of our community. 

Medical students are a captive audience, and I have spoken to them over and over about our obligation to return to our communities.  I recognize, different individuals have different ways of doing that, however it is important to do that.

Anchorage Project Access (APA) has been a great venue for us to return to our community.  APA is a well-organized entity that has the ability to help us fulfill our duty, without having to be deeply involved in the details of how, when and to whom.  I do not have to worry about whether the recipient of services is qualified or not, all that is taken care of by APA.  I do not have to worry about integrating with other services needed by the recipient, as that is coordinated by APA.

The benefits to the community are innumerable as well.  Seeing patients return to productive lives in our communities is priceless, and I am proud to be able to contribute.  Working and coordinating services with other agencies in the community strengthens us as a community, and that also is priceless.

Anchorage Project Access’ organization allows practitioners to return, integrate and strengthen our communities.  That is why I support APA and hope the rest of our community will do as well.”

Jerome List, DDS, MD

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialist

Alaska Ear Nose and Throat

“It brings me great joy to serve as a recognized medical provider in the Anchorage Project Access program.  I have been involved with APA since its inception and recognized early on how vital and valuable this program was to our community, and to each other as professionals in our community.  While my specialty is in Family Medicine/Primary Care, I volunteer my services as a specialist in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, a resource that is in high demand and short supply in Anchorage.

The opportunity to help people who are uninsured access care that they need but may not be able to afford, and to see them recover and return to active, productive lives is a reward of its own.  We all went into medicine to help hurting people. APA makes that possible in the most meaningful way, while addressing the challenges of networking with other likeminded professionals. Thank you for the privilege.”

Byron Perkins, DO

Family Medicine Specialist

Cornerstone Clinic

“Our physical therapy team at The Physical Therapy Place, LLC has worked with Project Access for over 6 years. The patients are usually recovering from an orthopedic surgery or have a musculoskeletal problem that prevents them from functioning at a normal level e.g inability to work, be active or be involved in their community.

I can personally recall patients that were previously incapacitated and unable to work. After financial vetting Project Access arranged the surgery required, then the physical therapy post op, that made it possible for them to return to work and a productive life. These patients are extremely grateful for the services they otherwise would not have access to.

Project Access has also been a valuable resource for patients who may qualify for coverage through medicaid expansion or the ACA.”

Katie Piraino, PT, PRC, JSCC

Physical Therapist

The Physical Therapy Place, LLC

“I admire Project Access patients for their gumption. Most of them have jobs – I respect that. These are quite competent individuals who put in a lot of effort at their work but happen not to make a lot of money. They have a hard time entering the health care system. “

“What’s nice is that Project Access delves into finances for screening and precertification and that lets us provide the care that people need. These patients are appreciative and they follow through. I’m real glad to help them out.”

George Stransky, MD


Alaska Women’s Cancer Care