Anchorage Project Access (APA) is the only health care safety net program of its kind in Alaska, serving uninsured individuals and families, with limited financial resources, by providing access to donated specialty medical, dental, and mental health counseling services through our network of volunteer providers. Anchorage is a medically underserved area; this contributes to the extensive barriers to accessing health care experienced by our most vulnerable community members. APA was founded through a collaborative effort of local physicians and community stakeholders dedicated to addressing these barriers and increasing access to health care for those in our community most in need.

APA ensures that community members without resources or health insurance obtain life-saving medical treatments. APA does not charge for its services. In partnership with over 700 local specialists, our network of volunteer providers donate care through APA’s Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Counseling Programs. These donating providers represent over 40 medical specialties that provide essential medical care to individuals and families who otherwise would not have access to these services. APA reduces the overutilization of hospital emergency departments and improves health equity and health outcomes by ensuring physicians and other community partners can effectively and efficiently donate their services. APA provides the operational infrastructure that allows physicians to restore health to Alaskans through a patient centered model. Addressing social determinants of health for every patient, APA staff connects individuals and families to community resources including: housing, employment, financial, food, transportation and other essential services.

APA is a nonprofit program operating administratively under Christian Health Associates (CHA). APA offers a welcoming system of care for patients by conducting eligibility screening for donated services, reviewing medical/dental treatment referrals, coordinating appointments for donated care, assisting patients in navigating complex systems of care, providing assistance in applying for health insurance, and ensuring patients establish a primary care health home for ongoing preventive care. Since 2005, APA has provided over $53.2 million in donated care.

“Anchorage Project Access gives people hope when they may have lost hope. The people who do this, the contributors, are the absolute critical pieces in the puzzle. Sometimes it takes a lot of humility to come and say, ‘I need help.’  It’s been a real life changer for me personally.”

– Yvette Conides (former APA patient)