Health Care Champion Award

This award is presented to Anchorage Project Access providers for the compassionate and life-changing care they give to APA patients. These providers have gone above and beyond to serve our community and help those most in need. This award expresses the enormous gratitude of Anchorage Project Access and the patients we serve. Thank you to our Health Care Champions for your ongoing commitment and for being a critical partner in our mission to increase access to health care for low-income, uninsured individuals.

Recent Recipients – March 2024:
Holt Family Dentistry
Health Centered Dentistry

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Mt. Huntington Award

This award is granted to Anchorage Project Access providers for their commitment and generous service to our medically uninsured neighbors.

The story behind the award: Anchorage Project Access received a large framed aerial photo of Mt. Huntington as a gift from a grateful patient who received services in 2007. Mt. Huntington (elevation 12,240) is a steep rock and ice pyramid in the Alaska Range totally overshadowed by Mt. McKinley. This mountain represents to the patient the challenges that faced him while unemployed, uninsured and needing two hip replacements. The journey, while a steep climb, represents a successful summit with reclaimed health and employment.

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