Eligibility & Enrollment

APA services start when our office receives a referral, usually from your healthcare provider. Once the referral is received, an eligibility specialist will contact you directly to begin the eligibility verification process.

Please see Patient Referral Guidelines for more information.


To qualify you must:

● Be a current resident of Anchorage (there is 10% out of area exception).

● Have a current medical, dental, or mental health counseling need.

● Not have any type of health insurance. This includes catastrophic insurance no matter how limited the plan, Medicaid, Medicare, or any other state/federal assisted medical benefits, Denali Kid Care, Veteran’s benefits, military benefits (Tricare), Native/Indian Health Services, employer-based insurance, or any insurance from the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

● Have a gross household income of 300% or less of the Alaska Federal Poverty Level.

Income amounts for 2024:

Family of 1 = $56,430.00 annually or $4,702.50 monthly

Family of 2 = $76,620.00 annually or $6,385.00 monthly

Family of 3 = $96,810.00 annually or $8,067.50 monthly

Family of 4 = $117,000.00 annually or $9,750.00 monthly

Family of 5 = $137,190.00 annually or $11,432.50 monthly

Family of 6 = $157,380.00 annually or $13,115.00 monthly

● Have a primary care provider. If you do not have an established primary care home, we would be happy to help connect you to one.

Local clinics with sliding fee scale:

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

4951 Business Park Blvd

Anchorage, AK

P: (907) 743-7200

Providence Family Medicine Center

1201 E 36th Ave

Anchorage, AK

P: (907) 562-9229

Providence Medical Group Primary Care

3260 Providence Dr, C Tower, Ste 436

Anchorage, AK 99508

P: (907) 212-3420

Mat-Su Health Services

1363 W Spruce Ave

Wasilla, AK 99654

P: (907) 376-2411

Sunshine Community Health Center

(Talkeetna Clinic)

Mile 4.4 Talkeetna Spur Rd

Talkeetna, AK 99676

P: (907) 733-2273

Sunshine Community Health Center

(Willow Clinic)

24091 West Long Lake Rd

Willow, AK 99688

P: (907) 495-4100

Life House Community Health Center

11495 N Callison St

Sutton, AK 99674

P: (907) 631-7665

To verify eligibility you must:

● Complete an enrollment application.

● Provide proof of income.

● Provide proof of residency.

APA Dental Program Eligibility ONLY you must:

● Be able to complete volunteer service hours prior to receiving treatment, “pay it forward.” Based on the established treatment plan, a dollar value will be calculated, and the number of volunteer hours will be determined.

● Become a patient of record at Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (ANHC), APA’s oral health care partner.


Once you have met eligibility qualifications, you will be enrolled in Anchorage Project Access.

● Program enrollment is for six months or until medical and/or dental need is met.

● You will be assigned to an Anchorage Project Access Patient Care Coordinator who will coordinate your health care with the appropriate provider.

● Enrollment may be extended if your medical and/or dental treatment plan under your Anchorage Project Access provider has not been completed and you still meet eligibility requirements.

For APA Medical Program Enrollment ONLY:

● Patients are assigned a pharmacy home.

● Patients may pay $5 co-pay for each prescription. Co-pay is applied to the cost of the pharmaceutical.

● Generic substitution will apply to all prescriptions unless notated.

● Patients have an $800 limit of pharmaceuticals benefit per calendar year.

● All prescriptions must have “For Anchorage Project Access” written on them in the providers’ handwriting.

● There is no prescription support for dental services.

For APA Mental Health Counseling Enrollment:

● APA is not able to provide emergency care. To qualify for mental health counseling, individuals need to be able to respond to “talk therapy” and not have current suicidal or homicidal thoughts; psychosis; or mania.

● Currently, there is no medication management or prescription support for counseling services.