Dental fluorosis (Floride & Supplements)

Dietary Fluoride Supplements:

  • Use dietary fluoride supplements only as prescribed by a physician or a dentist. Fluoride supplements are recommended for children between 6 months and 16 years old living in non-fluoridated areas and at high risk of developing tooth decay. The prescription should follow the dietary fluoride supplement schedule approved by the ADA.

Fluoride in Your Drinking Water:

  • Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires public water systems to notify its customers if the natural occurring fluoride level exceeds 2.0 mg/L or parts per million. People living in areas where naturally occurring fluoride levels in drinking water exceed 2 parts per million should consider an alternative water source or home water treatments to reduce the risk of fluorosis for young children.
  • While the EPA does not have the authority to regulate private drinking water wells, it recommends that private well water be tested once a year. If you home is hooked up to a private well, it’s a good idea to have the well tested for the fluoride level yearly especially if there are young children in the home. Naturally occurring fluoride levels can vary greatly from location to location. Provide your dentist and physician with the results of the well water testing so that they can provide you with accurate information on your family’s fluoride needs.

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