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Consider Before You Extract!

Don’t rush to extract. If a dentist recommends extraction for a diseased tooth, ask for a referral to an endodontist to consider treatments to save your tooth. If you think that getting a tooth pulled is easier or less expensive, think again. Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, affect your ability to chew properly and ruin your smile. Tooth extraction can be more painful than the infection itself, and replacing an extracted tooth with an artificial one requires additional dental visits that can be costly. Even more importantly, with proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

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Don’t Ignore Tooth Pain

Act on tooth pain. Whether you have cracked or injured teeth, signs of infection, excessive sensitivity to heat or cold, or other persistent pain in or around your teeth, consult an endodontist right away. Endodontic treatment can save a diseased tooth or treat abscessed, cracked or dislodged teeth, but these issues need to be addressed quickly.

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