Dental Care

Aging and Dental Health Concerns: Although better than in years past, the typical aging patient’s baseline health state can be complicated by comorbid conditions (e.g., hypertension, diabetes mellitus) and physiologic changes associated with aging these changes can impact overall health including dental care. Anchorage Project Access offers donated dental services for those in need. Call …

Regular Prenatal Care

💜 Tip: Ensure regular prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy and to detect any potential issues early on. Celebrating Birth Defects Prevention Month includes advocating for accessible healthcare. Anchorage Project Access provides donated medical care to those facing financial challenges. Find out if you qualify at 907.743.6600 or Empower healthy beginnings! #PrenatalCare #MedicalSupport For …

Improved Oral Hygiene

💧🦷 Dive into the world of water flossers for improved oral hygiene! Anchorage Project Access provides donated dental services to individuals facing financial hardships. Check your eligibility at 907.743.6600 or A healthier smile is within reach! #SmileCare #DonateDentalCare More information on water flossing can be found here:

Vaccinations to Help Prevent Infections

💖🏥 Tip: Stay up-to-date with vaccinations to help prevent infections during pregnancy and protect against birth defects. Anchorage Project Access supports donated medical care, ensuring everyone can access vital healthcare. Check eligibility at 907.743.6600 or Health care should be a right for all! #VaccinationsMatter #HealthEquity For more tips and information please visit: