907-743-6600 info@anchorageprojectaccess.org 2401 East 42nd Ave Ste 104, Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Eligibility and Enrollment

To Qualify:
  • Be a current Municipality of Anchorage resident (there is 10% out of area exception).
  • Have no type of health insurance. This includes catastrophic insurance no matter how limited the plan.
  • No Medicaid, Medicare, or any other state/federal assisted medical benefits to include Denali Kid Care, Veteran’s benefits, military benefits (Tricare), Native/Indian Health Services, employer-based insurance or insurance from the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.
Gross household income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level

Income amounts for 2021:
Family of 1 = $48, 270.00annually or $4,022.50 monthly
Family of 2 = $65,310.00 annually or $5,442.500 monthly
Family of 3 = $82,350.00 annually or $6,862.50 monthly
Family of 4 = $99,390.00 annually or $8,282.50 monthly
Family of 5 = $116,430.00 annually or $9,702.50 monthly
Family of 6 = $133,470.00 annually or $9,702.50 monthly

  • Must have a current medical need.
  • Must have a primary care doctor. If you do not have an established primary care home we recommend the local clinics listed below that could possibly provide some financial assistance. Once seen by a primary care doctor if they deem necessary they will send us a referral for specialty care.

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center
4951 Business Park Blvd
Anchorage, AK
P: 907-743-7200

Providence Family Medicine Center
1201 E 36th Ave
Anchorage, AK
P: 907-562-9229

Providence Medical Group Primary Care
3260 Providence Dr, C Tower, Ste 436
Anchorage, AK 99508
P: 907-212-3420

Mat-Su Health Services
1363 W Spruce Ave
Wasilla, AK 99654
P: 907-376-2411

Life House Community Health Center
11495 N Callison St
Sutton, AK 99674
P: 907-631-7665

Sunshine Community Health Center (Talkeetna Clinic)
Mile 4.4 Talkeetna Spur Rd
Talkeetna, AK 99676
P: 907-733-2273

Sunshine Community Health Center (Willow Clinic)
24091 West Long Lake Rd
Willow, AK 99688
P: 907-495-4100

All services start when our office receives a referral from your healthcare provider. Once the referral is received an eligibility specialist will contact you directly requesting an Enrollment Application and required documentation.

APA Enrollment Application (PDF)

Please know you may be asked to provide additional documentation that is not listed on the Required Supporting Documentation list


Once you have met eligibility qualifications, you will be enrolled in Anchorage Project Access.

  • Specialty care is for six months
  • Assigned to an Anchorage Project Access Patient Care Coordinator who will coordinate your health care with the appropriate provider
  • Enrollment may be extended if your medical treatment plan under your Anchorage Project Access physician has not been completed and you still meet income requirements