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For Patients

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How Anchorage Project Access Works for You: The Patient

Anchorage Project Access mission is to increase access to health care for low-income uninsured members of our community by using a volunteer network of providers working in a coordinated fashion to create a compassionate, respectful, equitable, accountable and efficient program of necessary services for those in need.

“Anchorage Project Access saved my life!” That is what patient L. W. recently told a friend of her experience with APA. The patient is a 41-year-old female who was experiencing a great deal of pain in her pelvic region.  She told her friend, “I’ll have to live with the pain or die as I have no money to pay for medical treatment.” After a few weeks of extreme pain, she lost consciousness and was taken to the emergency department. There she received a CT scan which revealed a mass in her pelvic region. L. W. was discharged and referred to Joanie Hope MD, at Alaska Women’s Cancer Care. At AWCC, L. W. received additional testing that indicated positive cancer cells and she tested positive for CIN IV. The patient explained to Dr. Hope that she had no means to pay for treatment as she did not qualify for Medicaid and her employer did not offer health insurance for part-time employees.  Dr. Hope referred L. W. to Anchorage Project Access (APA) where she was enrolled in the program.  Through APA, L.W. received additional imaging services at Providence Imaging Center and other diagnostic tests that were necessary before her scheduled surgery.  Dr. Hope performed a complete hysterectomy which required an overnight hospital stay.  The patient was able to apply for financial assistance which helped with the financial burden of the overnight hospital stay.  L. W. recovered from the surgery and is very grateful for the lifesaving donated radiology and surgery services she received through APA.


Anchorage Project Access is a free or low-cost short term healthcare program for low-income residents who live in the Municipality of Anchorage and need medical care. Out of area exceptions are allowed, please call the office for details.  All health care services you receive through Project Access have been donated by Anchorage community health care providers.

All services start when our office receives a referral from your healthcare provider.  Once the referral is received by our office an eligibility specialist will contact you directly requesting an Enrollment Application and required documentation.