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2020 Official Team & Rider List

11th Annual Fundraiser • February 8, 2020 • Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall • 10 AM to 3 PM

Instructions: To make a donation to a designated rider or team account scroll the list below, click on the ‘Donate’ button below the rider/team name and complete the PayPal transaction.

APA Pedal Pushers 


Jane Dial

(Raised to Date:  $1300)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Jane Dial– APA Pedal Pushers”]
Melinda Freemon

(Raised to Date: $300)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Melinda Freemon– APA Pedal Pushers”]
Mickela Olson

(Raised to Date: $50)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Mickela Olson– APA Pedal Pushers”]

Christian Health Associates

David Kuiper

(Raised to Date: $200)

[paypal-donation purpose=”David Kuiper”]
JoAnne Cummings

(Raised to Date: $175)

[paypal-donation purpose=”JoAnne Cummings”]
David Frain

(Raised to Date: $250)

[paypal-donation purpose=”David Frain”]
Nancy Gehm

(Raised to Date: $225)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Nancy Gehm”]

Wilson Albers Agency

Terry Allard

(Raised to Date: $100)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Terry Allard”]
Thomas Showalter[paypal-donation purpose=”Thomas Showalter”]
Misty Pfeifer[paypal-donation purpose=”Misty Pfeifer”]
Sunny Jenkins[paypal-donation purpose=”Sunny Jenkins”]
Jennifer Bundy-Cobb

(Raised to Date: $50)

[paypal-donation purpos)e=”Jennifer Bundy-Cobb”]
Wendy Rogacki[paypal-donation purpose=”Wendy Rogacki”]
Lon Wilson[paypal-donation purpose=”Lon Wilson”]
Connie Saltamacchio[paypal-donation purpose=”Connie Saltamacchio “]
Bob Bentley[paypal-donation purpose=”Bob Bentley”]

Imaging Associates

Ward Hinger[paypal-donation purpose=”Ward Hinger”]
Danielle Bader[paypal-donation purpose=”Danielle Bader”]
Jamie Byykkonen[paypal-donation purpose=”Jamie Byykkonen”]
Macaela Wolfe[paypal-donation purpose=”Macaela Wolfe”]
Cole Schierman[paypal-donation purpose=”Cole Schierman”]
Rick Willis[paypal-donation purpose=”Rick Willis”]
Jessica Willis[paypal-donation purpose=”Jessica Willis”]
Renee Buchta[paypal-donation purpose=”Renee Buchta”]
Valerie Clark[paypal-donation purpose=”Valerie Clark”]
Kellie Shults[paypal-donation purpose=”Kellie Shults”]
Erin Zimmer[paypal-donation purpose=”Erin Zimmer”]
Marissa Senn[paypal-donation purpose=”Marissa Senn”]
LouAnn Griego[paypal-donation purpose=”LouAnn Griego”]
Lacey Bombard[paypal-donation purpose=”Lacey Bombard”]
Kayla Harris[paypal-donation purpose=”Kayla Harris”]
Suki Wallis[paypal-donation purpose=”Suki Wallis”]
Shawnna Cape[paypal-donation purpose=”Shawnna Cape”]
Jacob Szymik[paypal-donation purpose=”Jacob Szymik”]
Sarah Wottlin[paypal-donation purpose=”Sarah Wottlin”]
Jillee Brown[paypal-donation purpose=”Jillee Brown”]
Stephanie Williams[paypal-donation purpose=”Stephanie Williams”]
Hannah Williams[paypal-donation purpose=”Hannah Williams”]
Jenny Tibbetts[paypal-donation purpose=”Jenny Tibbetts”]
Dave DuClous[paypal-donation purpose=”Dave DuClous”]
Natasha Snyder[paypal-donation purpose=”Natasha Snyder”]
Brad Cruz[paypal-donation purpose=”Brad Cruz”]

Morgan Stanley Geared Up!

Stephanie Crago

(Raised to Date: $100)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Stephanie Crago”]
Christian Deykes

(Raised to Date: $220)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Christian Deykes”]
Meredith Hazen

(Raised to Date: $225)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Meredith Hazen”]

Alaska Center For Pain Relief, INC

Christopher Gay MD

(Raised to Date: $155.50)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Christopher Gay MD”]
Jillian Woodruff MD[paypal-donation purpose=”Jillian Woodruff MD”]

Providence Health & Services Alaska

Michael Bernstein

(Raised to Date: $250)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Michael Bernstein“]
Ron Healy[paypal-donation purpose=”Ron Healy”]
Roxanne Brandenburg

(Raised to Date: $50)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Roxanne Brandenburg”]
Natali Henry[paypal-donation purpose=”Natali Henry”]
Nathan Henry[paypal-donation purpose=”Nathan Henry”]
Jim Reineke[paypal-donation purpose=”Jim Reineke”]
Stephanie Tasker[paypal-donation purpose=”Stephanie Tasker”]
Debbie Reineke[paypal-donation purpose=”Debbie Reineke “]

Sedor, Wendlandt, Evans & Filippi, LLC

Carolyn Heyman

(Raised to Date: $225)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Carolyn Heyman”]

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

Jason Korlaske[paypal-donation purpose=”Jason Korlaske“]
Scharla Baker[paypal-donation purpose=”Scharla Baker“]
Jill Bristow[paypal-donation purpose=”Jill Bristow“]
Maggie Ryan[paypal-donation purpose=”Maggie Ryan“]
Belle Eaton[paypal-donation purpose=”Belle Eaton“]
Mindy Frazee[paypal-donation purpose=”Mindy Frazee“]
Angel Magpayo[paypal-donation purpose=”Angel Magpayo“]
Felix Santiago[paypal-donation purpose=”Felix Santiago“]
Hannah Ekstrom[paypal-donation purpose=”Hannah Ekstrom“]
Katie Asbeck

(Raised to Date: $200)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Katie Asbeck“]
Cindy Delos Santos[paypal-donation purpose=”Cindy Delos Santos“]
Ben Mandrial[paypal-donation purpose=”Ben Mandrial“]
Kalia Xiong[paypal-donation purpose=”Kalia Xiong“]
Noelle Camarena[paypal-donation purpose=”Noelle Camarena“]
Thomas Walton[paypal-donation purpose=”Thomas Walton“]
Sara Warrick[paypal-donation purpose=”Sara Warrick“]
Danielle Ortiz-Olivo[paypal-donation purpose=”Danielle Ortiz-Olivo“]
Melynda Bottorf[paypal-donation purpose=”Melynda Bottorf“]
Simone Talamoni[paypal-donation purpose=”Simone Talamoni“]
Aries Sopoaga[paypal-donation purpose=”Aries Sopoaga“]
Josephine Koweluk[paypal-donation purpose=”Josephine Koweluk“]
Pamela Wallace

(Raised to Date: $50)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Pamela Wallace“]
Lee Ann Lopez[paypal-donation purpose=”Lee Ann Lopez“]
Maria Edwards[paypal-donation purpose=”Maria Edwards “]
Briehton Stuart[paypal-donation purpose=”Briehton Stuart“]

Davis Wright Tremaine

Team DWT[paypal-donation purpose=”Team DWT”]

Anchorage EAST Rotary

Anchorage East Rotary

(Raised to Date: $440)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Anchorage East Rotary”]

East High School Interact Club

East High School Interact Club

(Raised to Date: $325)

[paypal-donation purpose=”East High School Interact Club”]

Anchorage SOUTH Rotary

Anchorage South Rotary

(Raised to Date: $50)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Anchorage South Rotary”]

Wheeler Healers | Providence Family Medicine

Sarah Sanders

(Raised to Date: $20)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Sarah Sanders”]
Judy Kepes[paypal-donation purpose=”Judy Kepes”]
Bernie Albrecht[paypal-donation purpose=”Bernie Albrecht”]
Rosanel Weinhold

(Raised to Date: $25)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Rosanel Weinhold”]
Jake Buskirk[paypal-donation purpose=”Jake Buskirk”]
Aisha Brito[paypal-donation purpose=”Aisha Brito”]
Misty Lampley[paypal-donation purpose=”Misty Lampley”]
Heather Lampley[paypal-donation purpose=”Heather Lampley”]
Brandy Prestridge[paypal-donation purpose=”Brandy Prestridge”]
Rachel Chadwick[paypal-donation purpose=”Rachel Chadwick”]
Charity Bowers

(Raised to Date: $300)

[paypal-donation purpose=”Charity Bowers”]
Carlie Bowers[paypal-donation purpose=”Carlie Bowers”]