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2019 Official Team & Rider List

Instructions: To make a donation to a designated rider or team account scroll the list below, click on the ‘Donate’ button below the rider/team name and complete the PayPal transaction.

APA Pedal Pushers 

Jane Dial[paypal-donation purpose=”Jane Dial– APA Pedal Pushers”]
Melinda Freemon[paypal-donation purpose=”Melinda Freemon– APA Pedal Pushers”]
Kristi Holta[paypal-donation purpose=”Kristi Holta– APA Pedal Pushers”]

Christian Health Associates

JoAnne Cummings[paypal-donation purpose=”JoAnne Cummings”]
David Frain[paypal-donation purpose=”David Frain”]
Nancy Gehm[paypal-donation purpose=”Nancy Gehm”]
Dave Kuiper[paypal-donation purpose=”Dave Kuiper”]
Jerimiah Grantham[paypal-donation purpose=”Jerimiah Grantham”]

Imaging Associates

[paypal-donation purpose=”Imaging Associates”]

Providence Health and Services

[paypal-donation purpose=”Providence Health and Services”]

  Wells Fargo

[paypal-donation purpose=”Wells Fargo”]

         The Wilson Agency

Jolene Bryant[paypal-donation purpose=”Jolene Bryant”]
Virginia Rosser[paypal-donation purpose=”Viginia Rosser”]
Sunny Jenkins[paypal-donation purpose=”Sunny Jenkins”]
Thomas Showalter[paypal-donation purpose=”Thomas Showalter”]
Isaac Rosser[paypal-donation purpose=”Isaac Rosser”]

 Alaska Medical Specialties



Dani Milwicz[paypal-donation purpose=”Dani Milwicz”]
Mary Sanchez[paypal-donation purpose=”Mary Sanchez”]
Jessica Schneider[paypal-donation purpose=”Jessica Schneider”]

Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy Centers

Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy Centers[paypal-donation purpose=”Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy Centers”]


Lou Lou Brady[paypal-donation purpose=”Lou Lou Brady”]
Shamarie Apling[paypal-donation purpose=”Shamarie Apling”]

 Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

Jason Korlaske[paypal-donation purpose=”Jason Korlaske “]
Shannon Savage[paypal-donation purpose=”Shannon Savage”]
Angelica Magpayo[paypal-donation purpose=”Angelica Magpayo”]
Rayne Keys[paypal-donation purpose=”Rayne Keys”]

Wheeler Healers Providence Family Medicine Center

Wheeler Healers [paypal-donation purpose=”Wheeler Healers”]

ACLU: Turn Up the Resistance!

Carolyn Heyman [paypal-donation purpose=”Carolyn Heyman “]