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COVID-19 Vaccines For Children

Omicron Variant: Get your booster shot to stay safe.  visit https://www.cdc.gov

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for people 5 years and older is now available at the sites listed here:

Anchorage Health Department

Public health department · 825 L St ·

Register at: https://www.muni.org or call  (907) 343-6718

**Instructions: Covid- 19 vaccines are currently being offered at various locations and times. Please click the appointment link to schedule your COVID vaccine appointment for specific locations and hours.

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

Medical clinic: 4951 Business Park Blvd ·

Register at: https://www. anhc.org or call (907) 743-7200

Aurora Pediatrics

Pediatrician: 4200 Lake Otis Pkwy ·

Register at: https://www.aurorapediatrics.com or call (907) 885-4337

Children’s Clinic, The

Pediatrician: 4001 Dale St # 213 Near Tudor Square ·

Register at: https://www:tccpeds.com or call (907) 562-2944

Costco Wholesale

Warehouse store: 330 W Dimond Blvd ·

Register at: https://www.costco.com or call (907) 349-2335

**Instructions: Walk-ins welcome. You do not need to be a Costco member to use the pharmacy. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use the check appointment availability link.

Eastern Aleutian Tribes Inc

Medical clinic: 3380 C St #100 ·

Register at: https://www.eastribes.org or call (907) 277-1440

**Instructions: Please call for an appointment. The in-stock and out of stock information does not reflect the available appointments for this provider. Click on the link to check for open appointments.

Elizabeth deSchweinitz, MD

Family practice physician: 9500 Independence Dr. Ste 700 ·

Register at: https://www.akdocs.com  or call (907) 569-3600

**Instructions: Registration is online via Prep Mod. Links for appointments are available on the website.

James D. Briggs, MD

Pediatrician: 3300 Providence Dr # 212 ·

Register at: jamesbriggsmd.com or call (907) 561-4459

**Instructions: Call for appointment and vaccine availability. Future Saturday appointments will be available.

LaTouche Pediatrics

Pediatrician: 1301 Huffman Rd # 110 ·

Register at: https://www.latouchepediatrics.com  or call (907) 562-2120

Mary Ann Jacob, MD, FAAP

Register at: anchoragepeds.com or call (907) 274-0274

Medical Park Family Care

Medical clinic:  2211 E Northern Lights Blvd ·

Register at:  https://www.mpfcak.com or call (907) 279-8486

**Instructions: We have COVID vaccines available for patients 12 years of age and up. We generally have Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson in stock, but this can vary.

Polar Pediatrics: Monique L. Child, M.D.

Pediatrician:603 W Tudor Rd

Register at https://www.polarpediatrics.com or call (907) 522-5437

Primary Care Center Alaska Native Medical Center

Private hospital: 4320 Diplomacy Dr ·

Register at:  https://www.anmc.org or call (907) 729-3300

**Instructions: COVID-19 vaccine appointments are open to customer-owners and household members of customer-owners. The vaccine is available for ages 16 and older, ages 16 and 17 require parental consent. Customer-owners and household members of customer-owners should contact their primary care provider or call (907) 729-3300 to schedule a vaccine appointment. We have reached capacity for all other customer groups. Please ensure the name you use to register for your vaccine appointment is your full legal name.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 725 E Northern Lights Blvd ·

Register at:  www.walgreens.com or call (907) 644-8400

Walgreens Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 2550 E 88TH Ave ·                         

Register at: www.walgreens.com or call (907) 349-9292

Walgreens Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 12405 Brandon St ·

Register at: www.walgreens.com or call (907) 646-4023

Walmart Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 3101 A St ·

Register at: www.walgreens.com or call (907) 563-6600

**Instructions: Registration is online via prep Mod. Links for appointments are available on the website.

Walmart Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 7405 Debarr Road ·

Register at: https://www.walmart.com or call (907) 339-9037

Walmart Pharmacy

Pharmacy: 18600 Eagle River Rd, Eagle River ·

Register at: https://www.walmart.com or call (907) 694-9786