2021 Revolutions

Virtual Revolutions January 23, 2021 – February 6, 2021

2020 has been a rough roll… Anchorage Project Access has been and will be there to help those in our community that are the most vulnerable through a coordinated network of volunteers to provide donated healthcare!

Join Anchorage Project Access in 2021 for a virtual activity fundraiser.

We need your help to continue our mission.

Revolutions virtual activity event will occur January 23rd, 2021 thru February 6th, 2021

Every year with your support, Anchorage Project Access (APA) provides hundreds of low-income, uninsured individuals in our community access to donated medical and dental care.  We assist our patients to receive pro bono care, enroll in health insurance, connect with a primary care provider and learn more about how they can regain and maintain their health and return to work, family activities and a life free of pain and ill health.

Our Revolutions event funds patient benefits and care coordination for hundreds of patients served each year through APA. Since opening our doors 15 years ago, over 680 local medical and dental professionals, allied health providers, surgical facilities, imaging centers, pharmacies and labs, have donated over $50.7 million in care through APA to patients in need in our community.   APA staff have coordinated over 18,800 appointments for more than 3,726 unique patients who, on average, have received three or more specialists donating treatment per patient.